Spanish Language :

Why Learn Spanish Language?


Spanish is the most widely spoken language after Mandarin Chinese,English and Hindi.It is the second language in the USA and most popular language in Europe after English.As of 2015,about 480 million people all over the world speak Spanish as a native language.Spanish language is one of the five official language of the United Nation.Learning Spanish will assist you to communicate better with spanish speaking counterparts at work and will open up lot more business and job opprtunities in BPO & KPOs.and if you desire to travel abroad to some exotic tropical location,knowing spanish will help you enormously especially in Spain or in Central America.Knowing the language will give you ideas on the culture and people.It is dominant language in countries like United States,Argentina,the Phillippines,Chile,Mexico and Colombia.

However, for others who are not planning to work anytime soon and would rather go abroad, again, you are in luck! If you are planning to go to the United States, Spanish would be of great help especially since it is spoken by more than half of the people in the American continent. There are more Spanish speakers than there are speakers of French, Hawaiian and the Native American languages combined. Moreover, experts predict that by the year 2040, there will be 630 million Spanish speakers, of which 90 million will be living in the U.S.


Spanish in india..

In past few years,there has been a significant spurt in investments in India by Spanish companies,with companies like Dragados, Grupo Roca and Mapfre having entered the indian market.

Another trend that has emerged is the outsourcing of work in the BPO space to India, from overseas businesses that requried the use of Spanish as the language of communication to cater to their customers.


Beginner Level


Present,Past,and Future - Indefinite,Continuous,Perfect Tense. Adjectives,Articles,Preposition,Adverbs, Imperatives, Positive, Negative,Verbs,Conjugation etc. Word Power,Speaking,Writing and Listening & Language Accent and Expressions.


Intermediate Level


In this course we are done with the whole Spanish language grammar such as Present, Past, Future Tenses, All imperatives, Present and Past Subjunctives,Articles & Prepositions, adjectives, adverbs etc.All kind of Spanish expressions, Practice of Spanish and Latin American accents)-(Translation Practices, both English to Spanish and Spanish to English.Everyday speaking practices with new topics, sometimes group discussions and sometime individual speaking practices.Language Accent and Expressions,Industry Knowledge and Where you can work after learning Spanish. A lot of Spanish and Latin American culture and literature Practical industry training with


Perfection Level


(Brush up full grammar)-(Huge Speaking-Writing-Listening practices in all classes)- (Official letters, Practices for interviews in Spanish, Practices of all official activities in Spanish)-(Industry training and listing to native’s audio official conversation to better your understanding)-(Speaking of Spanish with accent and full expressions)-(Spanish songs listings and practices)-and much more to do in


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