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Fortune Shiksha offers one on one tutoring which can help students maximise their academic potential. Tutoring is a great way for students to get their questions answered in a relaxed, personalized environment. Move at your own pace and tailor your education to meet your specific needs. We have home tutors for all levels (college, high school, and elementary).
              We provide our home tutor services to your doorstep to suit your needs and busy schedule. Our highly selected, experienced and result oriented home tutors provide one-to-one tuition in the comfort of your own home or office.

Why tutors :
Home tutors play very important role in cases where your child has missed out certain topics or concepts in previous classes due to one reason or another. Every child has certain strengths or weaknesses. Your child may be doing very well in English or History but may have difficulties in solving math problems. Many a times, the school teachers may not be aware of the problems of each individual student as they are focusing on the entire class. Due to lack of individual attention your childs problems may not get addressed as the child is unable to express the real academic problem to the parents or the teachers. All this may result to poor and unsatisfactory academic performance.

Why my child may need a tutor?
There is no doubt that you are providing a world class education to your child and the school is instrumental in bringing the overall development in your child. Sometimes, the School teachers may not be able to give one-to-one attention to your child due to many reasons. The teaching method adopted by the school teacher is based on the level of the entire class and customizing it to each student is not practical or possible.
A tutor can do just what is not possible at school. All our tuition teachers are experts in their respective subjects and have a long experience in tutoring individual students. We provide tutoring services at your home to guide and help your child in studies and build basic concepts and problem solving.

How you decide that your child may need a tutor?
        • Average or poor grades in exams?
        • Difficulty in understanding subjects?
        • Wish to improve grades further?
        • Need last minute help?
        • Not given sufficient attention in class?
        • Insufficient remedial lessons in school?
        • Tuition centre located too far away?

 ★ We provide Home tutors in All locations of Noida, Delhi, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. ⇓
English home tutor in Noida    • English home tutor in Delhi         • English home tutor in Greater Noida      • English home tutor in Ghaziabad

Maths home tutor in Noida        • Maths home tutor in Delhi            • Maths home tutor in Greater Noida         • Maths home tutor in Ghaziabad

Physics home tutor in Noida      • Physics home tutor in Delhi        • Physics home tutor in Greater Noida      • Physics home tutor in Ghaziabad

Chemistry home tutor in Noida  • Chemistry home tutor in Delhi   • Chemistry home tutor in Greater Noida   • Chemistry home tutor in Ghaziabad

Biology home tutor in Noida       • Biology home tutor in Delhi         • Biology home tutor in Greater Noida       • Biology home tutor in Ghaziabad

Hindi home tutor in Noida          • Hindi home tutor in Delhi             • Hindi home tutor in Greater Noida           • Hindi home tutor in Ghaziabad

Buss Studies home tutor  Noida  • Buss Studies home tutor  Delhi   • Buss Studies home tutor G.Noida   • Buss Studies home tutor  Ghaziabad

Economics home tutor in Noida  • Economics home tutor in Delhi   • Economics home tutor in G.Noida   • Economics home tutor in Ghaziabad

Psychology home tutor in Noida  • Psychology home tutor in Delhi   • Psychology home tutor in G.Noida   • Psychology home tutor in Ghaziabad

Accounts home tutor in Noida  • Accounts home tutor in Delhi   • Accounts home tutor in Greater Noida   • Accounts home tutor in Ghaziabad

Statistics home tutor in Noida  • Statistics home tutor in Delhi   • Statistics home tutor in Greater Noida   • Statistics home tutor in Ghaziabad

History home tutor in Noida  • History home tutor in Delhi   • History home tutor in Greater Noida   • History home tutor in Ghaziabad

Sociology home tutor in Noida  • Sociology home tutor in Delhi   • Sociology home tutor in Greater Noida   • Sociology home tutor in Ghaziabad

Geography home tutor in Noida  • Geography home tutor in Delhi   • Geography home tutor in G.Noida   • Geography home tutor in Ghaziabad

Political Science home tutor in Noida  • Political home tutor in Delhi   • Political home tutor in Greater Noida   • Political home tutor in Ghaziabad

Computer home tutor in Noida  • Computer home tutor in Delhi   • Computer home tutor in Greater Noida   • Computer home tutor in Ghaziabad

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Our Mission

We provide sincere class with comprehensive and relevant study materials and test papers to our student that help them enhance their knowledge and skills resulting in better performance during the exams. We are on our ultimate mission. Our mission is to bring the incredible vision into the marketplace and monetize it while showing how it can transform the ugly and competitive world of coaching and entrance exams and make the world a better place.

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